Money Saving Tips

You may think that you are careful with food?

But in the UK we throw away 7,200,000 tonnes of food and drink every year!

It works out to about £470 per household a year or 6 meals a week or 22% of everything we buy. (source: – If you would like to save some of that money, here are 10 easy ways to reduce food waste :

  1. Apart from eggs, all food can be eaten beyond BEST BEFORE. You should not use food that is beyond the USE BY date.
  2. Write a List! – Menu plan for the week and check what you have already got. Just buy the extras and stick to your list. Do not buy food you do not need.
  3. Watch your fridge – Make sure your fridge is working at 1 to 5 degrees centigrade for maximun freshness
  4. Do not throw it away – Use fruit as smoothies and turn vegetables into soup
  5. Use leftovers – Do not scrape them into the bin – add to pasta or use as a base for pot meals
  6. Rotate – Put new food in the back of the cupboard or fridge and bring the older items forward
  7. Serve small amounts – Come back for more if the plate is cleared and always cool what is left for another day
  8. Buy just what you need – Buy loose instead of prepacked
  9. Freeze – Batch cooked foods so you have meals ready when you are too tired to cook
  10. Turn it into garden food – Some waste, like peelings, is unavoidable. Set up a compost for your plants or garden