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This App will save money on your food bill and reduce waste by using the food in your cupboard!

Choose one or more ingredients to view matching recipes, then Make-a-Meal!

 There are 1,000 recipes in this app, sourced from cooks and chefs around the world. (150 free and the rest you can buy in-app for just £0.79).

Over 20% of all the food and drink we buy in the UK is thrown away and 30% in the US; that is £470 per household per year ($570 in the US) or approximately 6 meals a week. Make-a-Meal will help make cooking more affordable and reduce your food waste.

Just enter the food you already have at home and the clever search engine will inspire you with a selection of recipes telling you what you can make, or how to use your leftovers. You can type to search for specific items (like Chicken or Tomatoes) or search by categories (like Pasta or Meat).

  • Find recipes using food you’ve already got – so you don’t need to buy more
  • Find recipes using food you may otherwise throw away
  • Browse through all our great recipe ideas

The more ingredients you have available, the greater your choice. However, as you know, cooking is more art than science, so if you are missing one or two ingredients for a recipe, then substitute a similar item. Cooking can be simple!

You can filter the recipe list for ease and quickness of preparation and tailor it for any particular dietary preferences. You can rate recipes to help you remember the best, and add them to your Favourites list. You can print and email recipes, and also post pictures of your own cooking achievements to Facebook or Twitter!

We think we have selected a brilliant selection of recipes. We hope you love them all, there will be many you do… and maybe some you do not! We would love you to tell us what you think, especially if you know how to improve our recipes or if you could suggest some recipes that we have not thought of.

Now you may think that you are careful with food?

In the UK alone, we throw away 7,200,000 tonnes of food and drink every year – each household generates 5kg of food waste every week, of which two-thirds is avoidable… Yes, that is you and me!

Now, this app will not fix that problem… but if we can all use a bit more of the food we buy and throw a little less away, it will help your purse or wallet and be a little kinder on the planet. We all have to start somewhere and we want this app to be a very small step in that direction.

Finally, do you know the average household cooks the same 5-7 meals a week? There are many reasons why but mainly it is because you are busy or maybe, you just like what you like.

Well, this app will give you plenty of ideas to try something a little different and we hope you do.

There are a few people who think this app does bring something different….. In June of 2014, Make A Meal was awarded the Best Cooking App in the UK App Design Awards and in December 2014, Make A Meal received a Gold Award in the US Mobile & App Design Awards for the best cooking app.

Enjoy using Make-a-Meal.